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Football Manager 2007 pc.jpg
PlatformsPC/Mac, PSP, Xbox 360
Latest Patch7.0.2
EditingGenie Scout, FMM

Football Manager 2007 (sold in the United States and Canada as Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007) is the third game in the Football Manager series of football management simulation games by Sports Interactive, published by SEGA. It was released for the PC, Mac, Apple-Intel on 18 October 2006 with Xbox 360 and PSP versions following in December 2006.

On Saturday, September 30, 2006 a demo of the game was released in four different versions: Strawberry and Vanilla for both Mac and Windows. The Vanilla demo is basic and only includes English language, and the English league, with no kits, player photos, sound, graphics etc. The Strawberry demo includes playable leagues for Brazil, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Sweden, many kits and player photos, and language support for many other regions.

The version includes over 100 new features as well as small adjustments and bug fixes following on from the successful Football Manager 2006.

The first patch for the game - 7.0.1 - was released on 30 November 2006. The patch is save game-compatible and fixes a wide range of issues. Due to quickly-discovered bugs, an updated version of the same patch was released seven days later. The second patch & final patch - 7.0.2 - was released on 21 February 2007. It also updates the database to include January 2007 transfers.

New Features

As a result of user feedback and continued evolution of the game in general, Sports Interactive introduced over 100 new and revised features to Football Manager 2007. These include:

  • A new default GUI, created with the input of user feedback. The new interface was said by SI to be more user-friendly.
  • A revamped scouting engine, allowing for more realistic scouting of potential stars including the ability for scouts to 'learn' from their experience. A "scout report card" was also included, in order to provide easier access to important, detailed information about scouting targets.
  • Enhanced media interaction, including the ability to make comments on any player in the game world. In previous versions featuring media commentary, managers could only comment on other managers.
  • An improved youth team system. The method for generating new players was completely revamped, with the older "regen" system - using recycled attributes from retired players - no longer in use.
  • Pre-match team talks. Previously, only half-time and full-time team talks could be given. SI also increased the half-time team talk functionality: managers could now target individual opposition players for special attention, such as instructing players to close them down or always to tackle them with force.
  • A hints and tips screen appears when the game is being saved or loading is taking place.
  • An option to ask your own team's players what staff (e.g. coaches, physios) or players they would like you to bring to the club has been added.
  • Interactions with the board were improved. The board can authorise the building of new stadia. Clubs can be taken over by a group of investors, who may opt to fire the manager (a player may get sacked in the process).
  • The manager, as well as AI managers, can comment on referees' decisions, which are not always correct.
  • Feeder clubs were included. This allows larger clubs to set up a relationships with a smaller club and vice versa. This can be used by users managing larger clubs to 'farm' out players to their feeder club to gain the first team experience that they are unable to get at higher levels.

The PSP version of the game also included a wireless multiplayer for the first time, and was named Football Manager Handheld.

System Requirements

800 MHz processor 
256mb RAM
DirectX Version: 9.0c


As with every version, "super keepers" were complained about a lot in FM07. Many managers complained about the phenomenon, though SI denied having coded any such thing, and many tactic explanations were provided.

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